Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cigarette litter 4 - design interventions

My next intervention leads on from my previous bus stop poster. It takes inspiration from the 'face in a hole' stands you see at zoos and such places. The idea being a fun way to emphasise the horrific amount of cigarette butts dropped each day, playing on the idea of drowning ourselves. This encourages interaction for people and is hard to miss due to its size and the 3D form of the hands reaching out of the poster. 

The last photo illustrates my following design, which co-incidently worked well alongside the bus stop poster. This print uses the road warning signs as influence, altering the meaning from water to cigarette butts. It is a simple idea but clearly gets across the message and makes people aware of the issue, although not as tragic (yet!) as the sign makes out. These can simply work as fly-posters around town and would be more impressive as an actual road sign.


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