Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cigarette litter 5 - design interventions

My final couple of design interventions focus on the cigarette packet itself, as a means of easily getting smokers attention and giving them no reason not to be aware of the issues of littering. This first design works simply as a sleeve, informing smokers of the problems that their used butts can cause. I have tried to give the message a harder impact by relating it to people, and how deadly used cigarette ends can be to us. Displaying the fact that the chemicals left in the butts from a 20 pack are capable of killing 16 adults. 

The final intervention takes this idea a step further by designing the sleeve to feature a waste section for used butts, thereby providing a solution for to smokers throw them away. One issue is the lack of bins for butts, there are some products for smokers to buy such as portable ash trays. However, most people can't be bothered to buy them or simply aren't aware. 

This sleeve centres around a storable compartment to store their fag ends, which can been thrown away when the packet is finished. The compartment is foil lined to stop the butt burning the package. It uses a push mechanism for easy access and is designed with a maximum opening distance to avoid spilling its contents. 

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