Monday, 14 March 2011

Litter - design interventions

I have a new project to create 15 design interventions within the next 3 weeks based upon a news article. I was reading about litter in London and thought it a positive one to create new forms of awareness for. 

These are my initial interventions, using the street as its main location.

The main idea was simply to highlight the litter dropped by people, surprisingly a condom was left which, is probably one of if not the worst thing to litter. I chose yellow as my colour as it's associated with warning and therefore related rather well.

I did however, find myself getting frustrated when taking the pictures as the rubbish kept blowing around, but thought just the circles alone worked well showing where someone had thrown their litter. This could be quite effective seeing streets dotted with yellow rings, with the obvious intention to be as little as possible.

This was my following intervention to write bold messages on the pavement, not dissimilar to those 'STOP' writings on the road. I felt by personifying the street it would make people more inclined to at least stop and take notice if not act. It is certainly more effective than the signs left by officials saying 'do not litter £50 fine' as they simply seem less considerate and almost warrant some form of rebellion. 

I did originally want to spray the message and although i thought it would be better as a set design, i did also think that to some it may seem itself as litter or graffiti despite the good intent. Therefore i opted for chalk because of its temporary and less intrusive display. 

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